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Program Structure

This curriculum is taught through the SEYT Yoga Therapist CYT 800-hour program. The program is structured in the following ways:

All parts of the curriculum are woven together in Residential Modules and Quarterly Meetings.  The distance learning, independent studies, online education, coursework, and readings all are necessary for the student to be able to get the most out of a module and integrate what they learn. The mandatory practicum provides the student with an opportunity to develop the skills as a Yoga Therapist, utilizing all the knowledge, experience, and skills they learned with SEYT, through a mentored experience.

Residential Modules:

8 modules must be completed over the course of 2 years. 1 module is featured per season(April – Spring, July – Summer, October – Autumn, January - Winter). 

Each residential module has a topic relevant to working with people as a yoga therapist, a theme, and a season.  For example, the topic of “Embodiment, Pain, and the Nervous System” is taught in the first module with the season of “Spring” and the theme of “Waking”.  All modules will function in this manner, combining a topic + theme + season. This is how SEYT weaves together its curriculum. 

Module 1 is the foundational course that sets the tone and introduces the students to the program. Students, gathering for the first time, are introduced to the pulse of SEYT through their first season + theme + topic:  Spring, Waking, & Embodiment/Pain/Nervous System.  Questions are explored: What is Yoga Therapy? How does the practice of Yoga bring embodiment? These initial days cultivate curiosity and openness, laying down the foundation of becoming an embodied Yoga Therapist.  Other foundational threads are introduced slowly, allowing for student’s educational weaving to begin. 

Here is an overview of all season + theme + topic*:

Module 1 – April - Spring – Waking – Embodiment and Pain/Nervous System 

Module 2 – July - Summer – Sourcing– Lifestyle/Chronic Disease/Conditions 

Module 3 – October - Fall – Mobility - Structure/Patterning

Module 4 – January - Winter – Ground – Musculoskeletal Injury & Disease

Module 5 – April – Spring – Seeding – Professional Practice /Therapeutic Relationship

Module 6 – July - Summer - Blooming - Āyurveda and more

Module 7 – October or November – Fall – Harvesting – Trauma/Mental Health

Module 8 – January – Winter – Spiraling – From Birthing to Dying

DATES - Applications being accepted now for April 2020

*Topics and themes may be adjusted. 

Module 5 focuses on integration and preparation for working as a Certified Yoga Therapist.  The primary focus of Module 5 is professional practices and therapeutic relationship. After one year of spiralling inward; exploring personal embodiment through Āyurvedic principles and yoga philosophy and practice, the spiralling outward begins; exploring how to bring these practices into the cultivation of the professional practice of a Yoga Therapist.   After this module is attended, the distance learning/independent study portion of course: 5.1 – Professional Practices, may be started and for some, the preparation for the practicum may begin.


All students must complete a mentored Practicum. Practicum may only begin after passing 5 modules, one of which must be module 5. Mentorship ensures the students have the support and supervision needed to develop and maintain a sustainable practice.

Module Logistics:

  • Hours per day:  Saturday is a 4 - hour evening. Sunday to Sunday is 8 hours daily (7 hours of being in class/1 hour lunch).

  • How many days: 8.5 days:  Saturday evening to Sunday OR Friday evening to Saturday (varies from module to module).

  • Start/End time:  Start time is either 10am or 11am. And classes end between 5pm & 7pm.  Although Saturday/Friday evening is 4 hours Starting at 6pm or 7pm.

  • Location:  All modules take place in Ottawa, Ontario, except for the summer module which takes place in Chelsea, Quebec (15 minutes from downtown Ottawa). SEYT uses various studio locations for modules. Currently being used for 2020/2021 is ReYoga and a cottage in Chelsea.  Previous years have been at: Bad Dog Studio (Westboro), Empower Me Yoga (Westboro & Carling), Pathway Yoga (Westboro), Beyond Yoga & Wellness (Kanata), Chelsea Retreats (Chelsea, QC), Museum of Food & Agriculture, and the Westboro Masonic Temple.  

  • Dates for first year:  

    • Spring - April:  18 - 26, 2020

    • Summer - July:  10 - 18, 2020

    • Fall -  November: 21 - 29, 2020

    • Winter -  January: 15 – 23, 2021

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Quarterly Meetings:

In between modules, the quarterly meeting is held (usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for 3 to 8 hours. These meetings are scheduled after the first module and continue between modules for a total of eight. For those not living in Ottawa, these meetings may be attended via Electronic means. 

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Distance Learning/Independent Studies/Online Education:

Courses 1.2:  Āyurvedic Concepts for the Yoga Therapist, 2.2:  Anatomy & Physiology for the Yoga Therapist, and 5.1:  Professional Practices include components of distance learning, independent studies, or online education. Upon acceptance to the CYT 800 yoga therapy programming these details will be given to students. 

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Coursework/Readings are mandatory throughout SEYT programming - in between modules. These assignments and studies will allow students to reflect on their studies and hone their skillset. Upon acceptance to the CYT 800 yoga therapy programming these details will be given to students. 

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All SEYT students must do a practicum to graduate as a Yoga Therapist. Students must complete four residential modules + module 5 (focusing on professional practices & therapeutic relationship) before embarking on their Practicum.  Upon acceptance to the CYT 800 yoga therapy programming these details will be given to students. 

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For more details, or if you have specific questions, contact SEYT.  

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