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Yoga Therapist
800-hour Certification

Interested in joining our 
Yoga Therapy program?


SEYT’s Yoga Therapist Training program features engaging coursework, therapeutic practice, and experiential learning combined with practical clinical instruction.   Our curriculum has a solid foundation informed by yoga philosophy and āyurvedic practice, scientific research, professional experience, and somatic principles. Using an integrative, holistic and creative approach, students study and work respectfully and compassionately with a wide scope of life experiences including physical injury, complex and persistent pain, trauma, mental health, grief, and disease (cancer, diabetes, heart and respiratory illness); supporting lived experience from birth to dying, through compassionate embodied inquiry, care and practice.


  • Honours yoga therapy as an intelligent, comprehensive and compassionate response to the breadth and depth of all afflictions and life happenings.

  • Is committed to furthering the integration of yoga therapy in healthcare.

  • Provides experienced teachers with extensive yoga therapy expertise and complementary health care backgrounds in an engaged and cooperative learning environment. Both program directors are skilled and experienced full-time yoga therapists working in healthcare. 

  • Sees restoring awareness, embodiment and self-knowledge through yoga therapy as an integrated human-making response to life’s undulations and traumas, especially needed when living in a frequently disembodied, isolated and fast-paced culture.

  • Respects the wisdom of the body and all its layers (kośas), as a foundation of self-inquiry and change, as well as place of exploration and practice, serving each human’s need for connection, growth and belonging with self, others and the natural world.

SEYT is a professional 800-hour program that is based on the rigorous competencies outlined by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).   SEYT is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. For more information, visit: IAYT

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