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To Become a Yoga Therapist

Admissions - Academic Requirements - Transfer Credit Policy

Admission Requirements

  • Must have minimum RYT 200 or 500 or equivalent (An equivalent training integrates the following categories: yoga techniques,  anatomy  and  physiology  (western  and eastern), yoga philosophy foundations, teaching methodology, and practicum (practice teaching).

  • Must have been teaching for a minimum of 1 year. 

  • Must have a minimum one year of personal practice. 

  • Application must be filled out. 

  • Must complete extensive interview with program director.

Non-discrimination policy
The School of Embodied Yoga Therapy Clinic is committed to providing services that respect inclusive support. All yoga traditions, ages, races, ethnicities, faiths or secular orientations, abilities, gender identities and socioeconomic status will be respected and served with a commitment to equality and inclusion.
As SEYT continues, we are learning to better serve our students, alumni, faculty, and clients through representing more diversity, increasing access and opportunities (especially for those who are underrepresented). Celebrating differences is respected and valued. 
We adhere to and believe in the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) statement to DEI and Social Justice.
SEYT is open and willing to modify class experience and assignments and accommodate to various abilities and learning styles.

We also offer the following opportunities:

  • SEYT seeks to support diversity in yoga therapy by offering tuition for one student with a marginalized identity, who has financial need.

  • SEYT also seeks to create one work-learn opportunity in trade for SEYT tuition.

  • SEYT offers sliding scale options for those in financial need. 

Contact SEYT for more details or applications.

Academic Requirements

  1. Attendance at 8  intensive modules(5 in-person and 3 synchronous live via Zoom).  Modules run over the course of 2 years, one per season in the months of: October/November, January, April, and July. Length of modules is approximately 8.5 days in length. 

  2. Attendance at 8 quarterly meetings.  In between modules, the quarterly meeting is held (usually on a Saturday or  Sunday afternoon for 6.5  hours). These meetings are scheduled after the first module and continue between modules for a total of eight. For long distance students these meetings may be attended synchronously via Zoom. 

  3. Attendance or viewing or approximately 40 weekly meetings. These meetings are all done synchronously via Zoom and may be attended live or recordings may be watch. 

  4. Must fulfill all criteria of the 180-hour practicum.  Practicum provides students with the opportunity to hone their skills as a yoga therapist through a mentored experience.  

  5. Completion of readings, coursework, and assignments in between modules. 

  6. Must receive a minimum of 75% in all coursework before beginning practicum. 

Transfer Credit Policy

Once admitted to the program, students may apply for their previous educational hours in yoga therapy to count towards their CYT 800 hours. To apply, students must fill out SEYT Transfer Credit form and provide the following, depending on whether the transfer credit is coming from a yoga therapy program, or courses taken with SEYT faculty elsewhere:

  1. If the transfer credit is coming another yoga therapy program – student will have to provide proof of attendance (scanned copies of certificates/transcripts/etc.), syllabus, coursework, readings, and other information they think is relevant so SEYT can measure the course content regarding IAYT competencies. 

  2. If the exact course was taken with SEYT faculty member elsewhere -  proof of attendance is needed (scanned copies of certificates/transcripts/etc.) 

In certain cases, where proof of attendance cannot be traced to the source, references will be required. SEYT program directors will assess possible transfer hours, and review materials to ensure legitimacy.


For transfer credit to be approved, hours must be:

  • Received at another accredited yoga therapy school or taken with an SEYT faculty member or guest speaker.

  • Equivalent to the amount hours received at the SEYT course. If the hours are less, student must full fill the remaining hours with SEYT.

  • Equivalent to IAYT competencies. 

In addition:

  • Coincide with SEYT curriculum as found in Syllabi.

  • Only a maximum of 300 hours may be approved.

  • Hours may not exceed 50% of course content from subjects 2.0, 3.0

  • Transfer hours will not include the 200RYT hours which is the prerequisite to the program. 

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