To Become a Yoga Therapist


•   Must have minimum RYT 200 or 500.
•   Must have been teaching for a minimum of 1 year. 
•   Must have a minimum one year of personal practice. 
•   Application must be filled out. 
•   Must complete extensive interview with program director.

1.  Attendance at 8 on-site intensive modules.  Modules run over the course of 2 years, one per season in the months of: April, July, October, & January. Length of modules is approximately 8.5 days in length. 
2.  Attendance at 8 quarterly meetings.  In between modules, the quarterly meeting is held (usually on a Saturday or  Sunday afternoon for 3 to 8 hours). These meetings are scheduled after the first module and continue between modules for a total of eight. For long distance students these meetings may be attended via Virtual means. 

3.  Must fulfill all criteria of the 210-hour practicum.  Practicum provides students with the opportunity to hone their skills as a yoga therapist through a mentored experience.  See details on practicum below. 
3.  Completion of 3 Independent Studies.  Subjects include:
          •Anatomy & Physiology
          •Professional Practices:  Core Project
4,  Completion of readings, homework, and assignments in between modules. 




Anne Pitman
Matthew Remski
Naomi Sparrow
The class & teachers of Module 1
Neil Perason
Neil Pearson
Christine Graves