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Welcome to the
SEYT Clinic

Who are we

We are a school-run clinic employing students, faculty, and alumni who are excited to bring forward the skills cultivated at the School of Embodied Yoga Therapy (SEYT). It is our mission to bring evidence-informed, compassion infused yoga therapy to all those who may benefit.

SEYT Faculty are seasoned professionals, and experienced yoga therapists, many with long careers working in integrative healthcare. Our students, already experienced yoga teachers and professionals, in the process of completing their mentored practicum, necessary to become certified yoga therapists.


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Our clinic is a yoga therapy hub, serving SEYT’s students and wider community, by facilitating: 




Offering compassionate and accessible yoga therapy care to our wider community.  And providing our students and faculty access to potential clients, who would benefit from individualized yoga therapy care.


To teach the community about yoga therapy:

How yoga therapy is both integrative and complementary to healthcare, and

How yoga therapists differ from yoga teachers in education and experience.

Access to Resources

To provide information as to what yoga therapy services are available to support you, your community, and your healthcare team.

The School of Yoga Therapy is located in Ottawa, Canada, and our students and faculty offer yoga therapy across Canada and the US.  As an accredited school with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), we are connected to therapists worldwide, and are happy to connect you with a therapist specializing your areas of concern.

Integrating with healthcare, we provide evidence-informed, compassion-based yoga therapy to those who are facing:


  • Chronic pain 

  • Trauma

  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

  • Cancer (anywhere along the cancer care continuum)

  • Brain injury rehabilitation

  • Death, dying, and grieving

  • Mental health conditions 

  • Birthing & post-partum 

  • Chronic health concerns (sleep issues, diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, respiratory conditions, and more) 

  • Overall embodied living and wellness


SEYT Offerings:

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  • 1:1 yoga therapy sessions, includes: therapeutic listening, yoga therapy co-assessment and compassionate inquiry, body systems education, curation of personalized, agency-based yoga practices (including meditation, movement and breath-work and more), home practices, lifestyle recommendations , integrative healthcare notes and referrals, if relevant.

  • Small-group yoga therapy sessions, including: group check-in, connection to others facing similar issues, yoga therapy co-assessment and compassionate inquiry,  body systems education, modified yoga practices (depending on population, may include restorative, gentle and yoga nidra practices and more), and healthcare referrals, if relevant.

  • Yoga Therapy Presentations suitable for conferences, healthcare meetings, and other community settings: do you want to have a yoga therapist speak/share/or practice at your next event? SEYT will connect you with the right speaker.

  • Job postings: looking to have a yoga therapist join your team? SEYT is happy to share your job posting for free to our students and faculty.

  • Resource list: please see our Resource Page for up-to-date workshops, presentations and research that keeps our students and faculty busy!


For all our offerings we have many options:  virtual and in-person, at various price points, located in different areas, and more. Please contact us for a free consultation for individuals or organizations. We will find the best-fit yoga therapist for you! We are happy to provide a free consultation to your or your organization to discuss options and find the best fit yoga therapist.

DEI Commitment Statement:

Yoga therapy is relational. The SEYT clinic is committed to providing services that respect inclusive support. All yoga traditions, faiths or secular orientations, ethnicities, races, abilities, ages, gender identities and socioeconomic status will be respected and served with an assurance to equality and inclusion.

SEYT is learning to better serve our students, alumni, instructors and potential clients through representing more diversity, increasing access and opportunities (especially for those that are underrepresented). Celebrating differences is respected and valued.

We stand by IAYT's  statement of commitment to DEI and Social Justice

Why yoga therapy?
What is the difference between a yoga therapist and a yoga teacher?


Students in practicum 

Between 1-50 hours of clinical experience                         $0 - $50/hour*

Students in practicum 

Between 50 to - 100  hours of clinical experience              $50 - $80/hour*

Students in practicum 

Between 100 to 150 hours of clinical experience               $80/hour*

Alumni and Faculty (C-IAYTs) 

Beyond 150 hours of clinical experience                            $80  - $175/hour*

*HST may apply.



Please provide us with the following information:

  1. Your name and/or organization(s) name

  2. The best form of contact: email, phone, or text.

  3. Information that can help SEYT to understand your needs/organizations needs in order to contact a yoga therapist with relevant expertise.

  4. Preferred hourly rate. See rates above. 

Success! Message received.

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