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Program Structure

SEYT curriculum is taught through the SEYT Yoga Therapist CYT 800-hour program. The program is structured in the following ways:
  • In-person(with hybrid attendance options) or Virtual Modules: must be completed over the course of 2 years. Each residential module has a topic relevant to working with people as a yoga therapist, a theme, and a season.  Over the course of 2 years, there are 8 modules, one in each season.

  • Quarterly Meetings:  held between modules, these virtual meetings answer the need for community support and continued conversations for the students. Usually held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for 7 hours. These meetings are scheduled after the first module and continue between modules for a total of eight. 

  • Distance Learning/Independent Studies

  • Coursework/Readings

  • Practicum:  All students must complete a mentored practicum. The practicum may only begin after completing (including each module’s course work 6 modules.  Mentorship ensures the students have the support and supervision needed to develop and maintain a sustainable practice.

All parts of the curriculum are woven together in Residential Modules and Quarterly Meetings.  Distance learning, independent studies, online education, coursework, and readings are all necessary for the student to integrate what they learn. The mandatory practicum provides the student with an opportunity utilizing all the knowledge, experience, and skills they have acquired at SEYT, through a supportive mentored experience.

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Module Dates

Module dates for 2023-2025


April 14 to 22, 2023 - Virtual 

July 8 to 15, 2023 - In-Person with Hybrid attendance options

October (TBA), 2023 - Virtual 

January (TBA), 2024 - Virtual

April (TBA), 2024 - Virtual

July (TBA), 2024 - In-Person with Hybrid attendance options

October (TBA), 2024 - Virtual

January (TBA), 2025 - Virtual 

Cohort D has begun! We are no longer accepting applications for this cohort. Contact SEYT for info.

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