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2023 - 2025

SEYT Student Handbook

Code of Conduct for Students, Teachers, and Staff

SEYT is a community of students, faculty, and staff involved in learning, teaching, and working as a professional in the field of yoga therapy.  All members of this community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes positively to an environment that respects diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. This creates a conducive environment for safe supportive learning and therapeutic (when observing or participating in yoga therapy sessions) practice. Thus, SEYT Code of Conduct sets standards expected of all students, faculty, and staff recognizing both the student-teacher/staff relationship and the nature of the professional relationship between client and therapist. 
We accept that it is the responsibility of the yoga therapist or teacher (including our faculty members/guest speakers/mentors) to ensure a safe and nurturing environment in which a client/student/participant can grow towards health and well-being. We also hold individuals and groups (for all students, faculty, and staff) responsible for the consequence of their actions.  SEYT’s ethical standards are commensurate with those of other medical and health care practitioners and align to the IAYT Code of Ethics. 

Thus, our faculty, administration, guest speakers, and students will adhere to the principles in our SEYT Code of Conduct.

Contained within this document: 

  • Professional Practice/Responsibilities expected for Students, Faculty, Guest Speakers, and Staff

  • Professional Practice as a yoga therapist

  • Grievance Procedures

  • Student Disciplinary Procedures

  • Grading and Attendance Policies

  • Leave of Absence Policy

  • Non-discrimination Policy

  • Refund Policy

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