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FREE Yoga Therapy for Essential Workers

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, The School of Embodied Yoga Therapy is offering Free ONLINE Yoga Therapy sessions to Essential Workers. 

These sessions will be led by SEYT students completing their practicum AND SEYT Faculty. SEYT is an accredited school trained in certifying Yoga Therapists. Certified Yoga Therapists are Yoga Teachers with 800+ hours of additional training in trauma, grief, disease, injury, PTSD, complex pain and anxiety. 

What might yoga therapy sessions include?

Yoga therapy sessions will be unique to each individual person. Sessions are designed to meet the client's physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and other needs.


In the first session, clients can share what brought them to Yoga Therapy and the Yoga Therapist will conduct an intake/assessment through observation, wonderings and questions. 


Following sessions will continue to be tailored to what the client's changing needs are and could include open dialogue, yoga, movement, meditation, breath work, education, creative expression and other yoga therapy practices that may suit the client's needs, 


Homework/suggestions may occur between sessions so as to help the client integrate the practices into their experiences. 

How should I prepare for  my
Yoga Therapy Session?​

Clothes: Comfortable clothing you can easily move in. It is not necessary to wear traditional yoga clothes (unless you wish to do so). Yoga mats are optional.


Choose an area of your home that you are comfortable in with access to your Phone or Computer for the video call. 


Ensure to have the online video application agreed upon with your yoga therapist downloaded previous to your first session. 

How to Register




Please provide the following information:

  • Your first name

  • Occupation

  • Why you would like to begin yoga therapy

  • Time of day that is best for you to attend sessions


You will be contacted by a yoga therapist assigned to you who will provide you with an intake and waiver that you may submit electronically.


You may also discuss which online medium you will use for your yoga therapy sessions. 

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