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Continuing Education

We encourage our students to continue building their skill set as a yoga therapist through continuing education.  Many of our faculty members offer more specific training and education.  

 Here is a list of what our faculty is currently offering:

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY)/Professional Yoga Therapy (PYT): 

PYTS is the longest standing international model for clinical and public health education in yogic medicine for licensed (and student) medical providers and their assistants. Founded in 2001 by Ginger Garner during her time at Professional Health & Fitness in Bethesda, MD, Ginger took ownership of the program in 2005. Today Professional Yoga Therapy Studies has a fully developed and field-tested curriculum which is being used in post-graduate certification and graduate coursework at masters and doctoral programs through universities in North America.  Medical Therapeutic Yoga is the practice of yoga in medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness settings by a licensed health care professional who is completing or has graduated from the Professional Yoga Therapy Studies program and has been credentialed as a Professional Yoga Therapist-Candidate or Professional Yoga Therapist. For more details:








Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute & Wellness Centre

Shree Ma Ayurveda offers an authentic, comprehensive knowledge, according to the guidance of ancient classical texts of Ayurveda and following the structure of courses taught in Ayurveda institutions in India. The Courses Offered At Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute & Wellness Centre Inc. aim at creating well educated people in the knowledge of  Ayurveda, who will then bring this knowledge of wholistic health care to their own family and community, through courses, seminars, the media, articles in the press, and involvement in research projects.


Pain Care Yoga: 

Pain Care Yoga, developed by Neil Pearson,  is the integration of pain science, yoga, and an in depth understanding the lived experience of pain. The name Pain Care Yoga denotes the manner in which yoga can be practised with the intention of addressing suffering in all levels of pain and injury. If you have clients with chronic or persisting pain – look for the Overcome Pain Gentle Yoga offerings and DVDs.   Pain Care Yoga is also a continuing education training program for health professionals and yoga teachers, ranging from individual workshops to a three-level mentoring process. For more details:







Rhythms Rediscovered: 

Rhythms Rediscovered, founded by Katherine Marr, has the mission to provide free yoga programs in Ottawa for people who otherwise would not have access, through a network of qualified yoga therapists/teachers and strong partnerships with local organizations. Their aim is to establish meaningful connections and share practical tools in supportive spaces to empower people to take responsibility for their own wellness. For more

Yoga Directory Canada: 

Yoga Directory Canada® is dedicated to supporting and showcasing Canada’s amazing teachers and community.
Yoga Directory Canada® is a yoga and health directory. YDC was first launched in 2004 by yoga teacher and web designer Jennifer Malisauskas. YDC was the first of it’s kind – a yoga hub that was just for the Canadian yoga community. For more details:

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