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Application process

Applicants must contact SEYT to receive the application form.  After SEYT reviews the form, an interviews is  required with one of the program directors via the phone or Skype(or other virtual means). During interviews, we discuss the applicant’s suitable compatibility with the SEYT program.  In addition the applicant can ask any further questions they may have to clarify training details. Upon acceptance of program, student is required to sign enrolment form and pay deposit to confirm their space in the program. For details about tuition see below. 

To receive your application, contact SEYT.

Transfer Hours

Once admitted to the program, students may apply for their previous educational hours in yoga therapy to count towards their CYT 800 hours. To apply, students must fill out SEYT Transfer Credit form and provide the following, depending on whether the transfer credit is coming from a yoga therapy program, or courses taken with SEYT faculty elsewhere:

a) If the transfer credit is coming another yoga therapy program – student will have to provide proof of attendance (scanned copies of certificates/transcripts/etc.), syllabus, coursework, readings, and other information they think is relevant so SEYT can measure the course content regarding IAYT competencies. 

b) If the exact course was taken with SEYT faculty member elsewhere -  proof of attendance is needed (scanned copies of certificates/transcripts/etc.) 

In certain cases, where proof of attendance cannot be traced to the source, references will be required. SEYT program directors will assess possible transfer hours, and review materials to ensure legitimacy.


For transfer credit to be approved, hours must be:

  • Received at another accredited yoga therapy school or taken with an SEYT faculty member or guest speaker.

  • Equivalent to the amount hours received at the SEYT course. If the hours are less, student must full fill the remaining hours with SEYT.

  • Equivalent to IAYT competencies. Go here for more detail: 

In addition:

  • Coincide with SEYT curriculum as found in Syllabi.

  • Only a maximum of 300 hours may be approved.

  • Hours may not exceed 50% of course content from subjects 2.0, 3.0

  • Transfer hours will not include the 200RYT hours which is the prerequisite to the program. 

If you are considering transferring from another yoga therapy program and are looking to get credit for courses that you took, please contact SEYT to receive the full transfer credit policy and access the transfer credit application. 


Students have 3 options for paying tuition: one payment for full program, per year, or per module.  Cost is determined by payment schedules seen here:

1.  One payment for full program:

Due upon acceptance into program - $10,500+HST

Total cost:  $10, 500 +HST

2.  Per year:

Due upon acceptance into program – $1000+HST (non-refundable deposit)

March 1, 2020 - Module 1 - $5250+HST

March 1, 2021 - Module 5 - $5250 +HST

Total cost:  $11,500 +HST

3.  Per module:

Due upon acceptance into program – $1000+HST (non-refundable deposit)

Payments must be paid 1 month previous to module start date.
Module 1 – $1500 +HST
Module 2 – $1500+HST
Module 3 – $1500+HST
Module 4 – $1500+HST
Module 5 – $1500+HST
Module 6 – $1500+HST
Module 7 – $1500+HST
Module 8 – $1500+HST

Total cost:  $13,000+HST

Within the cost all necessary materials, except books and props, are included.  No refunds are available once payment arrangements have been made. 

For the duration of the

COVID-19 pandemic, SEYT will

be doing all modules ONLINE.

To further support students, 

all tuition fees will be reduced 

by 15%.

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